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  • Sharon Climo

Save time and go online

I would like to tell you a story of Carl the Chiropractor.

Carl was a pretty awesome chiro. He had a good business, drove a fancy car and spent time working out at the gym. All the ladies loved Carl and his fabulous hands. But Carl was always losing his shit.

He hated paperwork and just couldn’t seem to keep track of all his receipts. Some receipts would find their way to the glove box, other receipts would get stuffed in the gym bag or mysteriously disappeared between the car seats.

When it came time to enter all his transactions on the spreadsheet, he really wasn’t happy about it and resented the time it took away from the gym.

Until one day his bookkeeper introduced him to the xero app.

Now he just takes a photo of his receipt when he purchases a product, sends it up to xero and forgets about it.

His bookkeeper is happy, which means Carl his happy because he gets to spend more time at the gym, and the ladies are happy.

So do something you love this weekend, leave the paperwork to the professionals.

Save time, go on line. Click Bookkeeping. Only a click away.

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