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  • Sharon Climo

How's your relationship?

How’s your relationship with your bookkeeper?

Are you best friends? Or do you only speak occasionally?

Forming a strong relationship with your bookkeeper can be the difference between success and failure.

Too many small business owners get caught up in the day to day running of their business and forget to look at the numbers. Before you know it, its BAS time again and the bookkeeper is on the phone, reminding you to send information, copies of invoices and bank statements. Suddenly its tax time and you discover that you made a profit. But where is it?

By scheduling regular catch up meetings with your bookkeeper you can begin to understand your financial reports. They can help you identify trends in your industry and help you grow your business.

So don’t be a stranger. Get in touch with your bookkeeper, because at Click Bookkeeping, we are only a click away.

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