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  • Sharon Climo

Moving to the Cloud

Have you been thinking about moving your accounts to the Cloud?

Changing systems, processes and routines can be scary but it can also be really good for your business. Imagine if you could spend less time on your accounts and more time on growing your business!

Do you spend more than 1 hour reconciling your accounts each week?

Do you have to use two or more programs to get your invoicing, reconciliation and reports working?

Do you have a hard time keeping track of your invoices?

Do you manually add up your GST?

Do you have to go through a lengthy process just to access your profit and loss report?

If any of these statements apply to you then you should consider moving to the cloud.

Xero is not only a reliable, locally hosted cloud accounting package, it is also a gift given to business owners so they can save time and money whilst still getting clear and detailed financial content.

If you feel it is time to make the move let Click Bookkeeping help you.

We are Certified, Qualified, Experienced Bookkeepers who can help convert your accounting system over to Xero.

If you are not sure if Xero is the right product for you, then please give me a call and I can arrange for a free demonstration.

Click Bookkeeping – only a click away.

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